• Humanized Operation Screen
    Stamping part adopts 19-inch HD touch screen, all Settings and functions can be easily realized through touch based on the special cognition of the equipment, developed a unique operation and control system, simple, intuitive, easy to operate.
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Automatic Die-Cutting Machine with Blanking
T 106 BF
  • Die-cutting speed
  • Max. sheet size
  • Min. sheet size
  • Max. cutting size
  • Gripper margin
  • T 106QN / T 106 BF / T 106 BN
  • Machine Parameter
    ModelT 106 BFT 106 BN
    Max. sheet size1060 × 760 mm1060 × 760 mm
    Min. sheet size400 × 350 mm400 × 350 mm
    Max. cutting size1045 × 745 mm1045 × 745 mm
    Die size1075 × 765 mm1075 × 765 mm
    Cutting plate4+1 mm4+1 mm
    Height of die-cutting rule23.8 mm23.8 mm
    First cutting rule13 mm13 mm
    Gripper margin7-17 mm7-17 mm
    Carton board90-2000 g/㎡90-2000 g/㎡
    Carton board0.1-3 mm0.1-3 mm
    Corrugated board≤4 mm≤4 mm
    Max. cutting force350 t350 t
    Max. die-cutting speed7500 S/H7500 S/H
    Feeder pile height (incl. pallet)1800 mm1800 mm
    Non-stop feeder pile height (incl. pallet)1600 mm1600 mm
    Delivery pile height (incl. pallet)Blanking size 1400 mm / Stripping size 1600 mmBlanking size 1400 mm / Stripping size 1600 mm
    Main motor power18.5 KW18.5 KW
    Machine power32 KW30 KW
    Voltage380±5% V / 50 HZ380±5% V / 50 HZ
    Cable16 m㎡10 m㎡
    Compressed air6-8 bar6-8 bar
    Air flow300 L/Min300 L/Min
  • Installation data
    ModelT 106 BFT 106 BN
    A Overall machine length9020 mm9800 mm
    B Overall machine length6055 mm6000 mm
    C Overall height of machine2700 mm2700 mm
    D Cat walk way length8230 mm9260 mm
    E Cat walk way width2500 mm2500 mm
    F Machine length7270 mm7820 mm
    G Machine width2260 mm2260 mm
    J Aisle for paper feeding3000 mm3000 mm
    K Aisle of machine side2600 mm2000 mm
    L Aisle for paper delivery2000 mm2000 mm
    Net weight23.5 t23 t
    Packing size length7500 mm8000 mm
    Packing size width2320 mm2320 mm
    Packing size height2950 mm2950 mm
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Application Example
  • Gift box

  • Packing

  • Cosmetics box

  • Graphic carton

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