Corporate Social Responsibility
We take responsibility

Guowang group,With unswerving faith, we think long-term and act responsibly,We set an example everywhere. We set an example everywhere: regard respect for employees and investment in education as future resources, actively participate in social dialogue, and purposefully promote cultural projects that benefit all. As an enterprise that takes a long-term view, it is also natural for us to use resources cautiously and produce safe and efficient products.

Our employees
The professional skills and active involvement of our employees play a decisive role in the success of the enterprise. Therefore, we create an environment for them to give full play to their talents. These include the balance between life and career, physical health and targeted promotion of diversity in the staff team.
Occupational safety and health protection
We are very concerned about the well-being of our employees. Therefore, we devote all necessary attention and energy to the goal of ensuring the safety of employees and maintaining their health and enthusiasm.
Improvement and development of professional quality
Well trained and highly motivated employees are the guarantee of our competitiveness and innovation. Continuous and responsible professional quality improvement and further development provide a hotbed for this. Here, we are completely guided by the needs of our target groups and provide customized development and professional quality improvement plans.
Product and supply chain
Our products and services are considered highly innovative, suitable for industrial use and very reliable in the market. For us, the energy-saving and resource-saving design of our product portfolio is as important as their safety or durability and ease of maintenance. We hope to meet this requirement in the long term - through each redevelopment. When working with our business partners, we also expect them to act responsibly, sustainably and consciously in their corporate activities.
Safety of machinery
Product safety is very important to us. We ensure that personnel will not be injured on our products or suffer health damage due to them. It is natural for us to meet the security requirements of the EU and all our target markets. More importantly, compared with most competitive machines, our machines are much better at protecting people from laser radiation and dust. We pay close attention to the use of products on site and make regular improvements.
Supply chain – responsibilities beyond the boundaries of the enterprise
When working with our business partners, we attach great importance to their responsible, sustainable and conscious behavior in their corporate activities. With our binding global supplier code of conduct, we have fulfilled our social responsibility and sustainable development in the supply chain.
As a long-term enterprise, Guowang treats resources cautiously and regards it as part of its corporate responsibility to avoid negative impacts on the environment. In terms of production and office work, we advocate green, environmental protection and low carbon to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and actively respond to the national "double carbon" strategy.
Develop clean energy and promote green development
Guowang always adheres to the direction of energy conservation and emission reduction and green development. From rooftop solar power generation to the activity of "saving every kilowatt hour of electricity, every drop of water, and every piece of paper", Guowang people have made unremitting efforts to contribute to the green earth.
Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency is the primary task of national vision. Therefore, we should eliminate emissions from the source, give priority to the use of new energy-saving processes, new technologies and new materials in product research and development and component selection, build low-energy enterprises, innovate mechanisms, strengthen management, and implement energy conservation and emission reduction throughout the whole process of enterprise production and development.
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