Customer training
Systematic training solutions

Whether it is equipment operation, parameter commissioning, maintenance and inspection, or electromechanical maintenance, our training can meet all the technical needs of the product line. In order to make full use of your national equipment, we provide you with different training modules for operators, commissioning personnel and maintenance personnel. All training modules are applicable to the control system. Based on the different foundations of students, Guowang group meets the interests of different students by teaching in small classes.

Benefits of Guowang training
  • Productivity improvement

  • More efficient and smooth operation on equipment and technology

  • Quality improvement

  • Higher equipment utilization and lower equipment failure rate

  • Reduce modification time

Training program
Basic Information

If you are not sure which training is more suitable for you, we are happy to customize your personal training program. According to your requirements, we will work with you to analyze your needs and develop customized training to meet your needs.

  • Apply

    Please submit your training application in writing and provide the following information:
    training module information
    number and name of participants (the number of participants should be limited to a maximum of five in each course, which should be handled in the order of the written social situation at the time of registration.
    If the number of participants is less than three, we reserve the right to postpone the course in a short time.)
    your contact information (company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and contact person.) After confirmation by email, the training registration is successful!

  • Training time

    The duration of different courses varies.
    Generally, the training time is 7 hours (including 1 hour of rest).

  • Traning cancel

    If the number of participants does not reach three or the cost is high, Guowang will reserve the right to postpone the combined training or cancel the training. In addition, Guowang will not bear the costs arising from the cancellation of training.

  • Traning arrange

    The training will be conducted in the professional training room equipped by Guowang.

  • Training materials

    The training materials are copyrighted. Without the prior consent or authorization of the person in charge of training, it shall not be copied or transmitted in any form.

  • Disclaimer

    We protect the real-time and cutting-edge information in training and related materials. However, Guowang is not responsible for possible deviations or errors. In particular, we will not bear any responsibility for the purchase and equipment model information involved in the written materials.

  • Accommodation during training

    Participants need to solve their own accommodation problems. We are willing to help you find accommodation.

  • Security

    The personnel participating in the training must pay attention to and abide by the applicable safety regulations at the location of Guowang factory. In particular, participants must wear labor protection shoes. Please bring your safety shoes to the training.

  • Expense

    We are willing to provide you with price information during fee consultation. The training cost is calculated per person per day. And each training participant will enjoy free meals in the staff canteen on the training day

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