Equipment inspection
Service overview
Whether it is post press equipment, laser equipment or other auxiliary equipment: experienced experts in the maintenance center of Guowang group can quickly and reliably repair complex components. Our professionals guarantee high-quality maintenance of your Guowang components based on complete drawings and documents and sufficient inventory of original spare parts.
At the same time, it will also provide and implement possible technical optimization according to your needs. Our professional partners will repair electronic components such as drives and power modules as required within 24 hours. Materials are available from stock and can be replaced with defective parts as required.
  • Quickly correct tolerances and eliminate functional faults

  • Services are charged at flat rates or on a case by case basis

  • Prepare materials in advance before repair

  • Optional quick repair in case of unexpected failure

  • Provide high-quality service in Guowang's own maintenance center, or repair at the customer's location

  • Electronic components are available from stock or repaired by professional maintenance personnel within 24 hours

Advantages of maintenance service
  • Quickly handle problems when the machine is stopped

  • Ensure the longest service life and reliability of your desired equipment

  • Complete sets of components or parts are guaranteed for 12 months

  • Use only original spare parts

  • Repair by experienced professionals

  • Reduce costs through high efficiency and large volume purchases

  • Integrated product optimization

  • Guowang experts provide on-site services as required

Quickly handle problems when the machine is stopped
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Maintenance Center Consultation
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